Washington Medicaid Phone Number

Washington Apple Health address is PO Box 45503, Olympia, Washington 98504-5503, the main phone number is 1-800-562-3022.

What is Washington Medicaid Phone Number?

Washington Medicaid Phone Number where you can talk to a real person for Medicaid related issues is 1-800-562-3022

Washington Apple Health Hours

What is Washington Apple Health hours?

Washington Apple Health hours of operation, where you can speak to Washington Apple Health real person are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 6:00pm, Pacific Time, closed on State holidays.

Washington Apple Health Fax Number: 1-360-725-0771

Washington Medicaid Portal

What is Washington Medicaid Portal?

Below is Washington Medicaid Portal portal, where you can get additional information for Washington Apple Health, login to your account to mamange it:


What is Washington Apple Health?

Washington Apple Health provides health care coverage for Americans in the state of Washington. Watch this video to discover what exactly is Washington Apple Health, how does it work and who pays for it?:

Washington Apple Health Mailing Address

What is Washington Apple Health mailing address?

Below is Washington Apple Health mailing address to send official mail, documents, forms, and applications:

Washington Apple Health
Street: PO Box 45503
City: Olympia
State: Washington
ZIP Code: 98504-5503

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